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Euromehanica is one of the leading companies in Russia providing technological solutions for the processing, mining and energy industries.

The company's complex solutions include the design, production, assembling and supply of packaged technological equipment for the oil, gas processing and chemical industries. Euromehanica is the original equipment designer and manufacturer of steel casting, rolling and lifting metallurgical equipment, including ladles, water-cooled elements, flue gas utilizers, rolling mills, cooling manifolds and high-pressure valves.

The structure of the company includes:

- the engineering center focusing on industrial design, equipment engineering and R&D (including foreign technologies). The engineering center is located in Nizhny Novgorod at the premises of the Ankudinovka Technopark. The engineers of the center have valid permits for the design of technological installations, use the quality management system GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) Certificate ST.RU.001.M0004390.

- the production ("Pavlovo Machine Manufacturing Plant " LLC) located at Pavlovo town, Nizhny Novgorod region with the total area of 15,000 m2. The average age of the entire infrastructure does not exceed 10 years. The production use the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, certified according to the environmental management system. Certificate ST.RU.0001.M0012021

Heat and mass transfer equipment and installations

Heat exchangers

Heaters, evaporators, steam converters, condensers, refrigerators of types: fixed-tube-sheet and with expansion joint of both vertical and horizontal kinds, used for gases, liquefied gases dissolved under pressure, and vapors, used for liquids, operating under 1,2 group working environments with maximum acceptable operating pressure of over 1.0 to 16.0 MPa, manufactured according to TT 3612-003-63256887-2015 Certificate TR CU Series RU 0313374.

Heat exchangers are produced under the INEX ® brand and have a number of significant differences compared with traditional heat exchangers, which substantially increase the processes efficiency.
The key modifications were made in the design of the equipment, the internal design is made in the form of screw type buffles causing vortex environments movements, profiled pipes and turbolizers, providing in complex heat exchange process acceleration on smaller areas of heat exchange surfaces.

Mass transfer equipment

Including scrubbers, distillation columns, absorbers, chamber-drying ovens, cooling towers, reactors, internals.
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Filtration equipment and units

FOS designed filters are used for rough and fine cleaning of liquids and gases. They are cartridge-type filters with corrugated strainer screen, membrane and synthetic filter elements. The innovative element of the product is both filter general design, the materials used and the filter elements design, as well as instrumentation and control equipment.

"Pavlovo Machine Manufacturing Plant" LLC produces: Gas filters; gas filters-coalescers; gas separators filters; gas coalescers; cyclone-type dust collectors and their components; Air dehumidifiers filters; air cartridge dehumidifiers filters; air cartridge filters and their components; Hazard category 1 and 2 pipelines filters , designed for cleaning liquids and gases and used for working environments of group 1 and 2 manufactured in accordance with technical specifications ТУ 28.29.12-006-63256887-2017 Certificate of conformity ТС С-RU.АВ72.В.02344.

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Separation equipment

Mesh gas separators 1, 2 versions; Cyclone gas separators; louver gas separators of I, II, III versions; rotary drops separator; centrifugal vortex separators; flare separators; three-phase separators; oil and gas separators of I, II versions; oil and gas separators with water discharge; oil -gas-water separators and their components; Continuous and periodic purging separators and expanders manufactured in accordance with the specifications ТУ 28.29.12-006-63256887-2017 Certificate of conformity ТС С-RU.АВ72.В.02344.

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Tanks and vessels

"Pavlovo Machine Manufacturing Plant" LLC produces vessels operating under overpressure, 1 and 2 hazard category: vertical and horizontal steel tanks of elliptical type, combined elliptical and flat type, flat type, conical type, combined elliptical and conical type, combined conical and flat type with capacity range from 0.2 to 200.0 m3, the maximum allowable working pressure from 0.05 to 16.0 MPa, designed for liquids and used for 1 and 2 group working environments, manufactured according to ТУ 3615-001-63256887-2015. Declaration TР ТС N RU Д-RU.АВ72.В.02847

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Industrial pipelines equipment

Low friction support unit ISAB®

Designed for pipelines transporting various environments, including aggressive ones, within an industrial enterprise or their groups. The key task of ISAB ® is to remove the force affecting the pipes, and transfer the load to the bearing structure. This sliding antifriction support makes it possible to neutralize longitudinal and transverse movements caused by external loads, thereby preventing deformation of the process pipeline. Taking into account the low friction coefficient (no more than 0.6) and the ability of ISAB ® to withstand high temperatures up to 700 ° C (while most analogues can withstand only up to 400 ° C), its use allows to extend the service life of the pipeline and pipe line fittings.

INOVA® High pressure valve

Designed for high-pressure units process pipelines, including high-pressure pumps, steam generators, waste heat utilizers. The working pressure is up to 63 MPa and it can be used for aggressive environments, sharp steam.
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Granulating equipment and units

Euromechanica is a developer and manufacturer of GRANMIX ® granulating equipment designed for wet, dry and structural granulation. "PMZ" LLC serially produces the following types of granulators:

- Disk pelletizers. Designed to produce spherical granules out of formed lamellar cylindrical granules of tablets in continuous or periodic modes.

- Screw forming granulators. Designed for continuous production of granules from paste-like materials.

- Press forming granulators. Designed for processing various wet and pasty materials into granules of regular and multi-dimensional tablets and rings shapes.

- Turbo-blade mixer-granulator of discontinuous operation. Designed to produce homogeneous mixtures and granular products with an increased requirement for granulometric composition, shape, density.

- Infill granulator. Designed for the production of granules from pasty products with a humidity of 40-60%.

- Disk granulator. Designed for the production of granules from powder materials with a liquid-phase binder addition.

- Drum-type ammonium sulfate granulator.

Auxiliary equipment designed and manufactured by «PMZ» LLC are components of granulating plants, such as mixers, sluice feeders, conveyors, classifiers, thickeners and other technological equipment.

"Pavlovo Machine Manufacturing Plant" LLC provides services of various steel grades metal products, long products and forgings mechanical processing:

- Lathe work of parts with diameter of up to 1600 mm and a length of up to 5000 mm (DIP 300, DIP 500, boring-and-turning mill)

- Milling of parts 1600*2000 mm (CNC, universal machines)

- Boring, drilling, bending, cutting, grinding of workpieces

- Bending of sheet metal up to 36 mm

- Welding of shells on a welding stand with roller rotators, welded shells diameter is 3.2 m, length up to 20 m

- Plasma cutting of metal up to 100 mm thick

- Semi-automatic and machine welding of metal sheets and pipes (Wallius, Lincoln, TIG, TS ADF 1000)

- Pipe rolling (VM-200)

- Manufacturing of metal structures with workshop load capacity of up to 40 tons, non-workshop up to 80 tons

- Non-destructive testing laboratory services

Office (Engineering center) Pavlovo Machine-building Plant LLC

Nizhny Novgorod, 22 Larina str., litera D, business center of Ankudinovka Technopark.

Phone.: +7 (831) 468-69-68

Phone.: +7 (831) 422-84-98

Pavlovo production area

Pavlovo, Ilyich Alley, 43

Phone.: +7 (83171) 5-72-09


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